is one of Indonesian brand for tea produced by PT. Sari Melati Sejahtera Company based in Central Java. We are fast growing company and our product has expanded to national level. Our company produces 3 types of tea both in traditional or modern packaging and those are green tea, black tea, and Jasmine tea. Our mission and vision are focused to our tagline “Nikmatnya kesegaran Teh Asli” meaning the best taste of original tea.

Under small subsidiary, CV. Sari Melati Sejahtera Mandiri, the company also founded a number of tea stalls that sells drink and retailed product of our company which some of them growth into cafe and restaurant. Our cafe can be found easily as we open in Supermarket, Shopping centre and numbers of train station in Java. These are one our traditional but effective tools in order to introduce our tea to tea lovers to taste the original taste of tea.

Therefore our mission is to focus quality of our product with our formula to produce tea variant. And our vision is to see that all our costumer and end user has the previledge to taste the original taste of the premium taste of Indonesian Tea.

In 1954, Oey Sioe Tjoen founded a tea company in east of Ketanggungan with only one variant named “Angon” which categorized as Jasmine Tea. “Angon” is still produced by our company and still consumed as one of Yogyakarta’s favorite.

The company was then handed down in 1980 to Tony Haryanto (Oey Tjie Tat), the 9th son of OeySioeTjoen. Passionate about tea, the company grew significantly under his leadership and has since produced many variants of tea, each having its own unique taste. Under his leadership, in 1986 the company produced TehJawa, our current most favorite product, after experimenting with quality ingredients and finding the perfect blend to suit everyone’s taste. TehJawa comes in many variants and types (jasmine, black, green tea) including traditionally packed tealeaves, tea bags, and ready-to-drink cup of tea.